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Base Price: 410.00 - 650.00 plus optional electives, additional options, and graduation fees.

This is a multipage form that includes all elective options plus additional options and graduation fees. All electives, additional options, and graduation fees are completely optional if not needed.

PLEASE NOTE – You will need to fill out this form for each student that you are registering (i.e. you will need to click “Add to Cart” for each student that you are registering). If you need to fill out more than one tuition form, complete the form and click “Add to Cart.” You will be redirected to your cart. Once there, click “Continue Shopping” as illustrated below. You will be redirected back to this page to fill out another form.


Please look for a confirmation email once your order is paid for and complete. Your confirmation email lets you know that we have received your order.


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Student Tuition: Violin, Viola, and Cello Books 1-3, and Guitar/Flute all levels. $40.00 Registration Fee $325.00 Tuition
Intermediate Tuition: Violin, Viola, Cello books 4-6. $40.00 Registration Fee $425.00 Tuition
Advanced Tuition: Violin, Viola, Cello books 7-10, and non-Suzuki students playing at these levels. $40.00 Registration Fee $575.00 Tuition

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