Fairbanks Suzuki Institute Teacher Registration

Teacher Training Course


Teacher Training Course

Violin Unit 1: $200.00 Registration Fee (nonrefundable), $615.00 Tuition

Registration Due March 1

If you miss the March 1 registration deadline, but would like to enroll in the course, please contact Gail Johansen at: akgailjohansen@gmail.com.

  • Mass-Media, Print and Graphic Image Notification

    Photos of you may be used for print or online mass media.
    I accept full responsibility for my instrument, actions, and behavior during the Institute week. I will not hold the University of Alaska Fairbanks or the Institute staff accountable for any personal injury or damages which may occur during the Institute that are not caused by the Institute or the University of Alaska Fairbanks' sole negligence.
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Unit Tuition includes an official FSI T-shirt!