Meet Our Members & Supporters

We are so grateful to all of those who have purchased Memberships and/or given donations to keep the music going! A heartfelt thank you to all of our friends!

Maestro's Circle

Membership Level of $5,000+
Phyllis Pendergrast & Chuck Lemke


Membership Level of $3,000 – $4,999


Membership Level of $700 – $2,999

Stella & Mark Wisner
Charles & Tone Deehr
Andrew & Judith Kleinfeld
Carolyn & Don Gray
Gail & Tony Johansen


Membership Level of $100 – $699

In memory of David J. Mangusso
Mary Macfarlane
Mary & Glenn Juday
Shirley Liss
Natalie Thomas
Judy Rae Smith
Kenneth Kokjer
Anna & Eduard Zilberkant
Linda & Bob Bursiel

Ken Russell & Laurel Devaney
Denis & Andree Porchet
Lawrence Kaplan
Ronald Inouye
Keith & Barbara Nore (in memory of Norman & Joyce Comfort)
Myles Comeau
Rodney Combellick
Bruce & Joan Foote
Mary Ann Nickles

April Grovhoug
Mary & Ron Teel
Cynthia Stragier
Jo Kuchle
Claudia Tessier
David McDowell
Terri Atkins
Jane Zimmerman
Barbara Hameister
Richard Solie


Concerto Winners Concert

February 18th at 4PM.